Huarere is a long time reggae band established in Vanuatu, from the island of Pentecost.

They have produced 2 albums under Mangrove Productions label, “TAVOLA” & “HOMSON TRIBUTE”.

The leader, Ben Siro, is an amazing songwriter whose songs have become classics in the Pacific (“Bibi”, “Namdei”,…) and has a unique warm voice.

The group has toured a lot in the Pacific in the 90’s before being quiet. Ben Siro now continue a solo career as STONEWALL

Ben Siro was also part time vocalist for French reggae group Sunshiners, specialised in 80’s songs revived into reggae, alongside Gero from Naio, Jack from XX Squad and John from Krosrod, all from Vanuatu.

Ben has now started a new carre under the name of STONEWALL and has released 2 singles.

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